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We are a Harrisburg-based law firm committed to providing thorough, effective and complete guidance to cannabis businesses and ancillary service providers.

About Us

At Cannabis Law PA we create innovative solutions for cannabis companies. Whether you are a grower, processor, dispensary, laboratory, transportation provider, practitioner, or security service firm, we can assist you with the formation, application, or regulatorily compliant operation of your cannabis company.

We have assisted cannabis companies with financing, contract negotiations, zoning and land use matters, administrative litigation, commercial litigation and arbitration, and appeals (from agency administrations to state supreme courts).

Cannabis Law PA attorneys have been assisting cannabis clients since 2015 and have been working in other highly regulated industries since 1982. We provide regulatory consulting across the entire U.S. and are licensed to litigate in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Our Attorneys


Judith D. Cassel

Partner / Lawyer

Micah R. Bucy

Partner / Lawyer

Kevin J. McKeon

Partner / Lawyer

Dennis A. Whitaker

Partner / Lawyer

Melissa A. Chapaska

Associate / Lawyer


Aaron Rosengarten

Associate / Lawyer

Our attorneys
provide guidance with:

  • Litigation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Application Assistance
  • Business Plan Development
  • Permitting for Growers, Processors, and Dispensaries
  • Entity Formation
  • Understanding Federal vs. State law Conflicts
  • Negotiating with Local Municipalities
  • Certification of Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprises
  • Contract Negotiations and Drafting
  • Sales, Lending and Leasing Transactions
  • Grant Funding for Medical Marijuana Research
  • Business Connections
  • Land Use Assistance
  • Insurance Issues

Recent Blog Posts

Municipalities can get access to grant monies

DOH – Department of Health Press Release Listserv: Senate Overwhelmingly Confirms Governor Shapiro’s Nomination for Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Debra L. Bogen

NCAA lifts cannabis ban for Division I athletes in championships

By an overwhelmingly bi-partisan vote by the North Carolina Senate, North Carolina moves closer to legalizing medical marijuana and imposing a regulatory framework on hemp products.

The group Smart Approaches to Marijuana has filed a request for the a full evidentiary hearing on the DEA’s proposal to move cannabis to Schedule III. If an evidentiary hearing is granted, it seems likely that re-scheduling will not be effectuated in 2024.

The House of Representatives are proposing to amend the Farm Bill to redefine legal hemp in an attempt to close “loopholes”. The proposed change would prohibit hemp to contain non-naturally occurring synthetic compounds and intoxicating products.

Marland Governor, Wes Moore, makes historic pardon of 175,000 cannabis convictions. Governor Moore said that this is “the most sweeping state level pardon in any state in American history.”

Money for Municipal Authorities

Federal Government Admits Magic Mushrooms Have Medical Benefits

Cannabis Law PA wins decision from Commonwealth Court permanently enjoining the Department of Health from recalling medical marijuana vape products infused with botanically-derived terpenes

DEA to redefine HEMP to exclude THCA

Regulators are being investigated for inadequate expertise and mismanagement of funds

Blumenauer Seeks Companion Bills to DEA’s Cannabis Rescheduling

The Power List – Central Penn Business Journal 

The Power List – Central Penn Business Journal 

It is not enough for DEA to suggest that it will reschedule cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III, the National Conference of State Legislatures are urging Attorney General to prioritize the removal of cannabis from Schedule 1.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to take up whether CBD is covered under Workers’ Compensation Act

DEA to Legalize and Reclassify Marijuana to Schedule III

Cannabis Law PA’s Judith Cassel appointment to Chair of Medical Marijuana & Hemp Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association confirmed by PBA President, Nancy Conrad.

Pennsylvania Amish are all in on Cannabis

Federal government clings in vain to the illegality of cannabis in the face of admitting it no longer enforces the goals of the CSA against cannabis entities complying with state legalization programs

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