There is currently a booming business of Amish cannabis farmers in Pennsylvania, and one Chester County native is the brains behind it, writes Miles Dilworth for the Daily Mail

Reuben Riehl started Lancaster County Cannabis from his basement four years ago. He would pack the occasional pound of cannabis and take it to small local CBD and smoke shops. 

Today, he is looking at profitable contracts in both California and the Midwest. Amish growers are expecting to sell $3 million of their produce nationwide to big buyers by 2025. This was all made possible by the legalization of the cultivation of hemp and derived products in 2018. 

Riehl currently runs a Lancaster County Cannabis store, which sells a variety of CBD products, such as lollipops, vapes, and bath bombs. He has shifted up to 50,000 pounds so far this year, which generated about $500,000 in sales. He is hoping to hit the $1 million mark next year. 

“This year, we moved more product than we ever did,” he said. “We started very small but every year we’re making connections. If these contracts go through [in California and the Midwest], we could do a tremendous amount.” 

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