Beginning on Saturday July 1st, it will be legal to purchase, grow, possess, and consume a limited quantity of cannabis in Maryland!

State regulators have estimated that Maryland’s cannabis market will triple as a result of adult use cannabis coming online. However, there are some concerns that supply may not be able to initially keep up demand. But Maryland’s new law provides for the additional operators to increase supply and meet consumer demand.

What does this mean?
If you are over the age of 21, then it will be legal for you to visit a dispensary that is authorized to participate in sales of adult use cannabis. As of July 1, there will be no medical requirement to access cannabis in Maryland. However, the medical program will continue, and medical cannabis patients will continue to be exempt from taxes and they may purchase and possess quantities in excess of the limitations listed below. Additionally, dispensaries will be required to set aside certain levels of inventory for medical patients.
For adult use, there are limits as to how much a person is permitted to purchase:

  • 1.5 oz. of usable cannabis
  • 12 grams of cannabis oil for vaping
  • Up to 750 mg of THC in edibles and other cannabis products
  • 2 actively growing immature plants or seedlings per household

On July 1, it is legal to possess and consume cannabis, purchased from licensed dispensaries, in these quantities. Possession of cannabis in excess of these quantities will still result in fines and, depending on the amount, criminal prosecution.

Where can cannabis be purchased?
Legal cannabis can only be purchased at a dispensary that is licensed by the Maryland Cannabis Administration. As of June 28th, there are 95 dispensaries that are authorized to sell adult use cannabis.

A list can be found here. That number could eventually grow to 300.

The law also provides for delivery services.

Can cannabis be smoked or vaped in public?
No. Doing so will result in a civil penalty.
The law does provide for consumption lounges beginning after May 1, 2024 that will enable adults to legally consume cannabis in designated public areas.

Who oversees Maryland’s program?
A new independent agency, the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA). It is the successor to the Natalie M. La Parade Medical Marijuana Commission. The MCA will regulate both the medical and adult- use program.

Currently, the MCA is operating under the existing medical program regulations and has adopted emergency regulations. The MCA is required to promulgate non-emergency regulations by July 1, 2024