On March 1st we posted here in anticipation that the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) would release the applications for the additional 4 grower licenses and 10 processor licenses that were authorized by the legislature in 2018. The wait was extended as the MMCC announced that same day that additional questions had been posed concerning the anticipated application window and that the applications would not be released until answers to those questions could be posted.

The wait is officially over! This past Monday the MMCC posted the Q&As, released the application materials, and announced the following timeline:

Application Window Opens:  March 25, 2019

Online Portal Opens (to submit applications):  April 1, 2019

Application Window Closes:  May 24, 2019

Evaluation Period:  May 24, 2019 – July 24, 2019

For further guidance on navigating this application widow, feel free to call Cannabis Law PA at 717-703-0813 or visit the MMCC’s website for more information.