We are proud to announce that Keystone State Testing laboratory was just awarded two Emerald Badges. These awards are only given to the top performing laboratories in the field. These awards signify a laboratory’s capability to deliver accurate, precise and quality results. We are extremely excited to be amongst the top performing laboratories in the nation.

Keystone State Testing, LLC, currently in operation at 4949 Queen Ave, Ste 104, Harrisburg PA 17109 has received official notice from the Board of Advisors at the Emerald Test, that Keystone has been awarded two Emerald Badges for the spring 2018 round of tests.  Analytical Laboratories from across the country participate in the Emerald Test, including all Laboratories in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to meet the legal standards of demonstrating proficiency set forth by the law.

According to the Emerald Test website:

“An Emerald Badge will be awarded to the top performing labs in each proficiency test category, with criteria established by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer. Labs that receive a Badge are not only recognized for their capabilities in comparison to their peers within a given series, the Emerald Badge confirms the labs’ ability to meet regulatory requirements for licensure.”

Keystone was awarded Emerald Badges in both Marijuana Potency Proficiency as well as Heavy Metal Contamination Proficiency.  Receiving the Emerald Badge for Potency Proficiency demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that Keystone State Testing is a top performing laboratory in analyzing marijuana and providing accurate potency results to growers and regulatorys.

Additionally, the Heavy Metal sample provided to Keystone was in hemp, a similar matrix to marijuana to ensure Keystone is proficient in all stages of sample preparation as well as analysis. Receiving this Emerald Badge demonstrates the capability of Keystone State Testing to accurately identify potential contaminants.  Accurately identifying contaminants in crucial in protecting our clients from potential recalls or unnecessary remediation or loss of product.  Additionally, Keystone uses the same methodology to analyze upstream products which would introduce contamination downstream yielding material that is very difficult or impossible to remediate.

For more information on Keystone State Testing, visit their website.