On Wednesday October 25, 2017 Judith Cassel of Cannabis Law PA spoke at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s seminar on medical marijuana concerning the litigation that threatens to dismantle the entire medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania.  There are a multitude of legal proceedings currently embroiling the medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania.  One such dramatic litigation is now before the Commonwealth Court in the Keystone Releaf, LLC (“ReLeaf”) v. Pennsylvania Department of Health (“DOH) proceeding where ReLeaf has asked the Commonwealth Court to shut the entire DOH medical marijuana program down and to rescind the permits given to 12 grower processors and 27 dispensary applicants.

Ms. Cassel also discussed the status of the appeals filed at the DOH by other non-winners of permits.  These other non-winners are not seeking to shut the entire program down, but rather are merely seeking to challenge the points awarded on their applications.

Lastly, Ms. Cassel participated in discussions on the media who are seeking the unredacted versions of applications filed with DOH where redactions may have shielded personally sensitive materials or highly sensitive security procedures as well as proprietary business plans.

Ms. Cassel, along with a panel of experts, spoke about the concerns of thousands of patients who are awaiting the medicinal benefits that can be provided by medical marijuana as well as the Pennsylvania physicians who are seeking alternatives to opioid prescriptions.

Ms. Cassel is a partner at Hawke McKeon & Sniscak, LLP and heads up the practice group of Cannabis Law Pa.