By: Judith Cassel

DOH Health Districts

Today, Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) issued Temporary Grower/Processor Regulations under the Medical Marijuana Act (Act).  These regulations come just 4 months after the Act was signed into law – a blistering fast pace considering the volume of regulations issued and the amount of detailed information provided.  These regulations address the application and permitting process with great detail.   The regulations provide precise information on everything from background checks to employee hand washing requirements.  The regulations also mandate security measures, pesticide use, and packaging requirements for growers/processors.

Developing regulations for a new industry is a monumental task, so the expediency at which DOH promulgated temporary regulations reveals a sense of urgency from government officials and prospective patients alike. DOH issued General and Specific regulations that provide a road map for growers/processors entities seeking to operate in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry.  Although comprehensive, these regulations highlight the challenges in establishing, obtaining approval of, and operating a medical marijuana business.   The regulations require the implementation of a full seed to sale electronic process; a requirement for quarterly reporting and payment of taxes, including a 2% fine for any late payments.  Additionally, DOH  will conduct routine unannounced inspections and audits in which they will review operational status and reporting.

DOH moved at lightning speed and those interested in establishing a medical marijuana business in Pennsylvania will need to react with equal diligence and haste to organize their team of consultants  and legal advisors.  Cannabis Law PA attorneys are experienced and able to assist clients in this evolving landscape of Pennsylvania medical marijuana implementation.  Visit our website often, subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Twitter for additional details on the new DOH regulations.

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